Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still in the Race

56 years on and still running.  Awoken up today at 3.30 am with an emergency call from ISH.  Someone transferred from HRPB Ipoh with high fever and acute exacerbation of bronchial asthma.  Settled her and returned home only to find out that my younger son has fever.  Then sent my other son to school and started ward rounds at 7.15 am.  Clinic work began at 9.00 am and my first pleasant surprise was this cake from a dear friend.

A lovely chocolate and cheese cake.  So it is only natural to share it with the others who also see and smell it.  And here I have my co-workers Yee Leng, Mee Yoke, May Ling and Tina.  We only found 1 candle in the clinic and I don't mind being ONE again!!

Shortly after we have sung "Happy Birthday" a call from PCSH.  A referral to see someone with an SpO2 of 68% and pleural effusion.  With a pigtail catheter in her chest and oxygen via high flow mask her breathlessness improved.  On reviewing her chest x-ray things did not look so good.

Had a luxurious short 20 minutes nap at home after lunch then back to clinic.  Finished the day with yet another referral from Hospital Fatimah.  This time someone with a mass lesion on CT thorax.

Well, dinner was really special - a gift from my wife.  Should have taken a photo to show you her skills in preparing the starter, baked salmon and dessert.  My sons played "Happy Birthday" and other lovely songs on the piano.

Today reminds me that there are still alot of things to be done before the race nears completion.  By the grace of God I don't think I am slowing down any time soon. If I am any wiser today I wish I can impart all that I have learnt and experienced to the next generation.  So here comes the planning and follow through.

I thank you all my good friends for all the well wishes.  You have been really wonderful to me and my family.  Thank you.  May God bless you all.

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