Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hapi CNY and Miner's Arm 4 February 2011

I think we started the annual CNY minum-minum way back in 1993 or earlier, which mean we had met in Ipoh for more than 18+ years. Most of the time it will be at Miner's Arm in old town. once at Oon Keong's place plus a couple of times where we sort of wandered to GreenTown. The number of us would vary from year to year; there was one year where it was only FongFatt and I wandering around GreenTown. We had a good crowd this year though not as many as the year in Oon Keong's place. Interesting characters graced the evening - we had a guru besar cermelang (hope the spelling is correct), someone back from cold cold Russia, an American cow...etc.

Hope we can keep this going as long as possible thought Miner's Arm is a bit of disappointment as it is now a karaoke centre rather than the good old pub that we knew. I miss the horse shoe sofa that we always occupy......

# pics courtesy of TehMC

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