Tuesday, August 19, 2008

ACS Reunion Dinner 2008

Leong Oon Keong, Liew Kam Chong, Teh Moon Chong, Perumal, Chan Nyat Keong

YB Lim's family from Hong Kong and USA.

Chan Kok Meng showing off his ACS school badge. Where is his school prefect badge? Perumal is back from afar.

Picture with school teachers: Mrs. Wong Chong Yim and Mr. Lam Poh Wah.

With MGS Primary Headmistress Mdm. Yau Sook Fun. Hum Kee Kuang is on the right.

To the right of Perumal is Daimler and Vivian.

1 comment:

  1. I see "Korea" has become a regular fixture in the annual reunion dinner.

    I have been trying to locate Korea for decades. I can't believe I finally found him here!!!

    Does anyone know his email address? The jupsys one seems to be defunct.

    I have to admit, I can't remember most of the names here but that Form 4 photo brought back fond memories. I am the one with the Buddy Holly glasses seated on the extreme right! : -)

    Benny Yee