Sunday, August 10, 2008

113 year old.......

Was in Ipoh on Saturday night for the 113 anniversary of our alma mater with NK. One of the highlights was the singing of the school song.....and for one moment I thought Mr Chin YK might consider singing the Horley Hall's anthem. There were some 50 tables altogether which work roughly out an average 2 tables per year but then again as usual there are more active exACS for certain years....class of 75/73 was under-represented as I estimated there were less than 10 of us. Class of 1978 seem to be most active and apparently they have collected RM26k for the school during one of their reunions.
Yong Been and families were there and also managed to catch up with Ngan Sing. At our table was OnnKeong, NK, Sook Fun, Mr Lam Poh Wah (an old teacher turned remiser), Moon Chong and his friend Simon, another couple whom I did not catch their names and an old fren whom most of us have not seen for a looooong time. Have a guesss of who he is ....

I am refering to the guy in white....and on the left is Lam Poh Wah.

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  1. Something gathered from the NST. Cheers! Chan Kwok Meng

    "SCHOOL CELEBRATION: Let’s do more for the good old ACS
    By VICTOR CHEW, Ipoh

    TODAY, the Anglo-Chinese School, Ipoh (SMK Methodist Ipoh) will be 113 years old. In conjunction with this, the alumni association of the school will hold a dinner on Friday. Is this all we can do for an institution this old? There must be more that the alumni of such a great school can do.

    Having studied in this school from young and then returning to finish my career in education as its principal, I cannot but think back on this grand old institution as a loving and caring parent.

    As alumni, even if you cannot attend the dinner, spare some time to reflect on what your school has done for you. Unfortunately, many feel that the school has not done anything for them, which may be true as many schools in Malaysia are not worth the title of "school" bestowed upon them.

    However, one must remember that a school is not merely a building nor is it made up of one person. There are many teachers and students. A few may have offended you but many others there would have contributed to make your school life wonderful and hopefully, successful. If you failed, it may not be the school's fault but yours.

    Each year when ACS Ipoh celebrates its anniversary, I reflect on the grandness of its buildings and grounds as well as the teachers who taught me, served the school and served with me in my final year of service there.

    Where but in ACS Ipoh can one find an auditorium that holds Shakespearean plays year after year and musicals from Broadway as a tradition? Where else but in ACS Ipoh do you find a swimming pool and an indoor stadium nearby (Dewan Teerath Ram)?

    Each year the alumni try to invite those who have retired and are still around for its annual dinner as a mark of respect, honour and appreciation. As we meet our former teachers, some so frail and weak, others still hearty and strong, we cannot help but say "without you, we wouldn't be what we are today"."