Saturday, August 19, 2006

4 frens & steamboat

Rock Garden Steamboat, Robson Heights Kuala Lumpur 19 August 06

Four Frens - Nyat Keong, KeeKuang, Wai Hoong & Keng Loon aka Alvin

We met, we ate and we chatted. It was a good evening of food & wine.


  1. You guys look great, despite being half a century old! Ha! Ha!
    Had coffee with Wai Hoong in Ipoh. Wonderful to catch up after so many years. Appreciate the news - keep it up KK. Sook Fun

  2. Suki....saw Cheng Hai at the airport on Mon. She was just back from Barcelona and I was on the way to Taipei...still there. Told her about this blog but not too sure whether she remember the address.