Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gone in a second!

Now I have blur vision. My pair of glasses is a complete wreak after Hooi stepped on it accidentally. Well, its my fault for puting it on the floor beside a foam mattress while trying to play catch up with sleep.

I went to see my optometrist in Yik Fong as soon as possible. I had to, otherwise, I will not be able to blog any longer because of eyestrain. This optometrist always give a very thorough checkup for my eyes. So he will ask if I can see the last line or the second last. Then he will check for clarity with green and red light etc, etc. Finally its done.

Next I was given a wide variety of frames to choose from. Well, you should see my choice the next time we meet and I am sure you will be impressed. And FINALLY the cost. Pheeeew you cannot believe this. A whooping RM 1650.00. Who says our inflation is only 4.00%!!

A final word. Never place your spectacles on the floor even if you think no one will walk this or that way.

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  1. OK,...its not inflation that cause the price...its lifestyle...hahaha enjoy yr new glasses.