Monday, July 18, 2005

MSF Meeting 19 July 2005

Yesterday night I had the opportunity to attend the MSF meeting held in CGMC. It was an interesting worship session followed by good food. My talk on snoring and sleep apnea was well received. Then came the quiz session on sleep hygiene. There were alot of questions from the floor. Participation was excellent. We will have more of these health sessions soon.


  1. Dr. Leong, I have Sleep Apnea and am in the process of developing a website designed to be a resource for others who may also have Apnea.

    If you have a text of your message available to share or can recall some of the questions asked by your audience (so that I know what questions others may want addressed) I would appreciate your contributions and suggestions.

    Respectfully, Dr. Ron Capps

  2. Dear Dr. Ron,

    I had a short presentation on snoring and sleep apnea to our senior church members after their fellowship. It was followed by a quiz on sleep hygiene. Participation was most intense following the quiz. Most questions were about sleep.

    If you wish you may go into my amateur website to review FAQ’s on sleep apnea. Hope you find it useful.


    Dr. Leong Oon Keong