Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mission Nite in CGMC

Mission Nite, 16th June 2005 at 8.00 pm.
3 persons shared their experiences in Bangladesh, Thailand, China and amongst the Sengois in Perak. The presentations were about spreading God's word in different parts of the world. I found several points interesting. 1. We can actually do very little in terms of relieving immediate human needs like housing, food shortage, sanitation, medical care etc. Our time and monetary resources are limited and finite. 2. I believe it is the instant delivery of support, care and love which the people want and lack that make mission trips successful. 3. These trips "softened the hearts of the people and are good examples of Christian living and sharing" quoted Dr. Tai Kim Teng. I strongly agree with him. 4. Henceforth, it makes the job of the local pastor easier to talk about Christ. 5. Further, missions deepen the soul's hunger for the word of God. Missions are interesting! Field work is not for everyone. One can encourage and support mission activities (e.g. monetary pledges)

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