Thursday, April 28, 2005

Public Forum

To all CG 16 members. We are entering a new era of communication besides our usual Friday prayer meetings. Please feel free to post anything you wish but make it short and accurate. I will start by informing you that I am organising a Public Forum on Sunday 19th June at 3.00 pm in Hospital Pantai Putri. The topic is "Can Snoring Kill?". I have informed Mr. Wan our church Social Concern Committee Chairman. He and pastor will decide whether it is appropriate to invite the church members for the forum. To confirm the diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) one has to undergo a sleep study which costs rm 550 per night. No discount will be offered to church members going for the test but rm 200 (from the rm 550 test fee) will be donated to DAYBREAK. We have a lot of elderly church members who may have OSA. OSA sufferers may suffocate during sleep, have heart attacks or strokes and die.

Good nite and may His blessings be with us all.

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