Physiotherapy Classes

1.  Active Cycle of Breathing Techniques

Learn and practice:
- controlled breathing with the diaphragm.
- thoracic expansion exercises.
- deep breathing exercises.
- huffing.
- controlled cough.

2.  Breathing Retraining with Chest and Lung Exercises

Learn and practice:
- pursed lip breathing.
- diaphragmatic breathing.
- deep breathing exercises.
- sitting and standing positions during breathlessness.
- chest mobility exercises.

3.  Chest Physical Therapy

Learn and practice:
- (prior knowledge of ACBT required before this class).
- postural drainage.
- percussion, vibration and compression.
- use of vibratory PEP or Acapella.

4.  Monitoring Asthma Control

Learn how to:
- score ACT (asthma control test).
- use a peak flow meter.
- chart PEFR's and interpret the results.
- follow an asthma action plan.

5.  Respiratory Muscle Strength Training

Learn and practice:
- respiratory muscle strength training.
     - diaprhagm
     - inspiratory muscles
     - expiratory muscles

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